Defiant: A St. Croix Falls Tale

All Castian Nite wants is to protect his father, his best friend and the people of Iflheim Woods from the cruel Lars who continues to wreak havoc on the Unseelie Court. Ever since the battle between the two courts and the closing of all portals to the mortal world, Lars has been slowly conquering and taking over parts of the Unseelie Court… and he’s finally made his way to Castian’s lands.

Castian and his best friend, Shia, have a plan. They will go to Lars instead of waiting around for him to come to them and make peace with him before it’s too late, hoping to stop any further bloodshed. But it turns out, Lars is far craftier than either of them could have imagined and both Castian and Shia end up getting in way over their heads. Can they stop Lars and make peace before it’s too late?A story following Castian and Shia, two Unseelie Fae in Faerie starting before Wayward begins and ends where book 3 will pick up