Operation Revelry

Operation Revelry finds Astoria a few years after Project Hellion.

 After graduating high school, Astoria moves to Starling West with her father after things didn’t work out so well for her in Amparo City. In Starling West she has a chance to start over. Create a new life for herself where she attends a few college classes by day and works some slightly illegal jobs for a few wealthy clients by night. Everything is all well and good for her. She’s found her new rhythm, a place where she can get by and use her abilities without anyone hassling her. 

That is until Asher shows up the night she steals some state of the art tech for one of her best customers and claims that said customer plans to blow up part of the city with the nanodroids she just handed over to him. Suddenly Astoria finds herself having to partner up with the guy who broke her heart and re-steal the nano droids from her villainous client before it’s too late.