Scarlet Phoenix (Book #3)

Book 3 in The Archive Series.

Amaya is now the emerald phantom instead of the emerald’s keeper. Stung by betrayal and caught off guard by new discoveries, Amaya is forced to face secrets that are revealed and mysteries that are unraveled within her new prison. Visions of the past haunt her, and no matter how had she tries, she can’t seem to figure out what they mean.

Darren and the others have escaped the Aztec temple… but at a price. They’re forced to leave the crumbled ruins with more questions than answers and more than a few battered hearts. With Amaya now trapped inside of the emerald, their new goal is to get her out before she and Tyler have to get back to their parents. Darren can’t stop thinking about the kiss they shared and will do anything to free Amaya and get her back before it’s too late.

As the team is separated, lies are brought to the surface and a new villain surfaces, they all are left reeling. They must befriend old enemies to survive and work together to find out more about the emerald, about the Archive and a dangerous new organization intent on burning their world down to take the emerald for themselves.

Coming out November 22, 2022!