Emerald Phantom (Book #2)

About Emerald Phantom:

Two weeks after her near fatal encounter with Lewis Atlas in the mountains, Amaya isn’t sure if she can keep juggling everything being thrown at her. Her parents are furious with her for running away with Tyler for days on end, Darren won’t speak to her and now she has an incorporeal boy named Mateo, who claims he’s been trapped in the emerald for centuries, stalking her.

Darren can’t stop thinking about his touch turning Amaya to gold and is now determined to stay away from her. The last thing he wants to do is hurt another person. As Cleo has him searching for more information on the pendant that may hold more secrets than they realize, Darren is haunted by his past and grappling with his growing feelings for Amaya.

Together, the team has to regroup and face not just what happened up in those mountains, but themselves too as new revelations are revealed and long buried secrets are uncovered. They have to get the Archive back from Lewis, free Mateo from his imprisonment and race to be the first to discover the truth about the pendant and the Archive before anyone else can get to them first.