Desert Flower

All Rayla’s life, she’s always thought she was normal. She had a plan for her life. Grow up, get married, and start a family of her own. Step into her place in society just like every other girl in her small oasis village. But after it’s revealed in her coming of age ceremony that she is unable to have children, and therefore, unable to continue her family line, Rayla believes she’s been cursed by the gods.

She runs away into the desert to escape being ostracized by her village and shaming her family any more than she already has. But after a near-fatal encounter with some dust dogs, Rayla is rescued by a handsome desert pirate, his twin sister, and their guardian who are willing to help her journey across the desert to get to the City of a Thousand Lights where Rayla plans to start a new life for herself.

Along the way, as they encounter raiders and ghouls, and ghostly dragons, Rayla has to try to accept the truth of what she was told during her coming of age ceremony and discover what she is truly capable of.

Enjoy this standalone set in the Triadic Kingdoms world full of found family, healing, and sweet romance.