St. Croix Falls #2: Cursed

When Mia Avery moved to the small, seemingly sleepy town of St. Croix Falls with her mother and meets Rhett, she was thrown headfirst into the dangerous and dark world of the Fae. She discovered that she was far more connected to their world than she could have ever imagined. 

While Mia works at recovering her lost memories and figure out her feelings for a certain Unseelie prince, she also has to deal with two Seelies breathing down her neck. Ryker and Joelin aren’t the most patient of Fae’s. The sooner they can get Mia’s magic in order, the sooner she can open the door to Faerie and help stop her terrorist father before he hurts anyone else.

As if all that wasn’t enough to deal with, a new threat looms over St. Croix Falls. A curse is on the loose in town. It’s sucking the life out of the Fae one person at a time. The only way to stop it is for Mia to gain control over her newfound magic and stop it before it can hurt anyone else.

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