St. Croix Falls #3: Unearthed

The explosive and revealing third and final book in the St. Croix Falls series!

Mia Avery never thought she would end up in Faerie under the leadership of her manipulative and psychopathic Fae father, Lars. A month ago, she hadn’t even known about her father at all. And yet here she finds herself living in his camp and biding her time. Three weeks have gone by since she opened the door to Faerie. Three weeks since Lilac stabbed Rhett and shoved Mia through the portal and into Faerie. Three weeks of training under her father and learning a new and terrible power she wished she could forget, three weeks since she got her memories back and three weeks since her and her newfound friends, Castian, Shia and Quilla, have come up with a plan to thwart her father. All Mia must do is to survive in his camp of treacherous and slippery Fae long enough to enact their plan and stop Lars before it’s too late.

Rhett Alder almost died thanks to Lilac and now that he’s awake, all he wants to do is plunge into Faerie and find Mia before it’s too late. There’s only so long someone can live in Faerie under the protection and teaching of Lars before that person is never the same again. But things don’t go exactly to plan and before Rhett can save Mia, he must face his past and step into his role as king.

Secrets from Mia’s past and Lars’ plans for the future are unearthed and the only way they’re going to be able to stop him from getting everything he wants is together.