Golden Touch (Book #1)


Amaya Wilson already thought her family was struggling to make ends meet when she comes home one night to find her father has lost his job. Hopelessness starts to settle in until her younger brother, Tyler, remembers a map and a story their grandfather used to tell them. A story of their ancestor who found and hid a Golden Gift up in the mountains. 

Out of desperation to help their family get back on their feet, they head into the mountains with the newfound map guiding them, hoping to find the treasure he hid. What they find instead is not a pile of gold, but Darren, a boy who was put under a timeless sleep and has the ability to turn anything to gold with a touch of a finger.

But before the three of them can figure out what to do, they quickly discover there are people after Darren who believe he may be the key to a mystical book this mysterious group has been searching for. 

All Amaya wanted to do was find some gold in the mountains to save her family, but what she got instead was a world of secret societies, supernatural abilities and a search for an ancient book that could make or break all of their futures.

Golden Touch Includes:

  • A mysterious boy who’s been asleep for a century and can turn things to gold with a touch of his hands.
  • Treasure hunts
  • Secret societies
  • Sweet and slow romance
  • Big sister-little brother relationship
  • And so much more!